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Bali beasties

Here are some Bali beasties that I particularly enjoyed seeing…

cute komodo dragon

Now I can take this off my bucket list!


Resting after a long night of eating coffee beans. Now he has to poop them out and they’ll make $$$$ Luwak coffee to sell. It actually tasted pretty good!


The baby was born just a short time before I took the picture. The momma looks sad though, doesn’t she?


The ducks live in the rice paddies. They eat all the bugs and fertilize the plants. Now that’s organic!


This grasshopper was almost the size of my hand!


This old guy was so tired from doing nothing that he didn’t move!


Taking the kids for a walk. They really have the concept of ‘free range” mastered.


Hope springs eternal! This doggy is inside a cafe that sells babi guleng – which is roast suckling pig. He probably has to fight with his buddies for this great sleeping chamber.


This is a fruit bat. It felt like crepe paper! He turned right around to check me out, I’m not the only Inquisitive spirit!