You are enchanting, San Miguel de Allende.

Your sounds…. the melodic church bells calling the faithful to mass… the sudden explosion of fireworks in the middle of the night…mariachis crooning soft romantic songs and then the sudden blare of their trumpets… boasting roosters crowing at weird intervals throughout the day… the barking of dueling roof dogs… the deep bass of car stereos blasting out of car windows…the long whistle of the knife sharpener… donkeys braying, swaying under their heavy loads of topsoil…  the loud unintelligible cries of the food vendors passing by…the giggling of children, playing street soccer with an old pop bottle… 

Your colors… flouncy skirts of folkloric dancers – in intense magenta, sunshine yellow, fire engine red, vibrant green and brilliant blue… enormous feather headdresses and shiny sequined costumes of the nearly naked Aztec dancers… the crazy purple and pink houses… brightly patterned ceramic tiles… the abundant plastic stores… older women dressed in serious striped blouses with lively flowered skirts and checkered sweaters… rich wild bougainvilleas cascading over sober gray stone walls…the balloon man with his wide array of toys for the young and young at heart…

Your smells… fresh corn roasting over wood coals, enticing skewers of perfectly seasoned pork, taco stands with their rich mix of tummy-growling aromas, Margarita’s palamita popcorn… copal incense…. the sweet perfume of  flowers wafting in the air…

Your tastes… homemade mango ice cream laced with hot chili… chicken tamales for breakfast along with warm drinks of atole…  tacos made of many different animal parts, delicious but better not to ask… lamb barbacoa – roasted in a pit and served in consome and corn tacos… hot chocolate and churros for dessert…

Your ambiance… the open friendly faces of the Mexican people, laughing and gently correcting foreigner’s Spanglish… sharing coffee and stories with friends, new and old…  hours spent in the jardin, watching the ‘tourists’ go by, mouths wide open in awe, seeing the Parroquia for the first or the hundredth time… the families, hand in hand, children dressed in their finest, their excitement spreading contagiously… 

San Miguel de Allende, you really are a magical place. Every day spent here is a gift straight from heaven.




Comments on: "A love letter to San Miguel de Allende" (2)

  1. laura ellen said:

    a magical place indeed! I think SMA just gets in your soul and leads you to all possibilities of life without restriction….happy you are so in love! Wish I was there holding your hand!

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